The vacation home offers private and comfortable housing for up to ten (whole house) or up to six persons (three rooms, half house). It is also possible to set up tents in the garden. There is a terrace on the sunny side of the building.

There are four bedrooms with two beds and one with an adjustable bed, in addition to that two shower rooms, toilet, dining room along with kitchen corner and living room for group activities. From dining and living rooms, it is possible to access terrace behind the house. The visitors can also use washing and drying machines; in the kitchen, there are a refrigerator, a stove and a dishwasher along with utensils for making and serving food. It is also possible to buy local food produced in immediate vicinity of the holiday house. The nearest shop in the village of Kulli is 3.5 kilometres away.

From here it is convenient to visit the Western Estonian islands. Virtsu harbor, where ferries depart for the island of Saaremaa is located half an hour drive away. About the same distance, but to the south is the harbor from where you can take a ship to Kihnu island. This island is the only place in Estonia where some people still wear national costumes daily. Just because old traditions and habits have remained unchanged until today, Kihnu Cultural Space has been added to UNESCOs world cultural heritage list. Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga (seventh largest island in Estonia). The island is 7 km long and up to 3.3 km wide.

The place is excellent for everybody who likes cycling, hiking, bird-watching and needs more comfortable conditions than average. Companies including elderly or disabled are welcome – we have created conditions that accord to your needs! Ideal conditions for practicing yoga, taiji and meditations. In addition to an active holiday in nature, the rest on the beach, the holiday home offers a great opportunity for corporate events. Small firms with fewer than ten employees, have excellent conditions for brainstorms, strategy, and team development days.

The holiday home was reconstructed in 2014 with a combination of energy efficient technology solutions and the best natural interior decoration materials to ensure comfort and a healthy indoor environment. The goal was to achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption; this principle is followed by the selection of light sources and techniques.